57northAnother expression of Talisker today, this time it’s the 57 North, it’s 57,8%, bourbon re-fill casks, non-age statement, we will be having it side by side with the 10 year old.

Colour: amber +2.

Nose: intense, vanilla, smoke, pepper, fruit sweetness, antiseptic, rubber, kelp, shellfish, brine, very similar to the 10 year old, it’s sweeter, it’s also edgier, probably quite a bit younger (might also be the strength), 10 year old is rounder and has more complexity, the two share lots of similarities though.

Taste: big, intense, full bodied, honey, sweet ripe tropical fruit, then ginger, black pepper, wet concrete, rubber, brine, peat, it’s rather drinkable even at 57%, adding a little water doesn’t change the profile too much, really enjoying this.

Finish: very long, copper, vanilla, dry oak, ginger, smoke.

Comments: very very good, it is a bit nervous and doesn’t quite have the polish of the 10 year old, when given a choice I’d probably take the 10, it’s still fantastic nevertheless, about 87 points.