otardvsopWe’ll continue with Cognac today, it’s a family owned house, said to be around 8 years old, mixture of Grande and Petite Champagne, let’s see how it compares with Frapin VSOP we had few weeks ago.

Colour: amber +3.

Nose: little closed initially, pear drops, apricot, orange peel, floral notes, also tobacco, tar, it has a better concentration than the Frapin, very enjoyable.

Taste: light, vanilla syrup, honey, sweet tropical fruit (apricot, oranges), pipe tobacco, earth, oak, pleasant, little watery but pleasant.

Finish: medium long, honey, grass and fresh oak.

Comments: simple, enjoyable, it has a similar profile to Frapin but it’s rounder, it has more fruit and it’s not as oaky as the Frapin, that’s worth extra two points in my book, about 81 points.