hcmaestrosWe’ve had quite a few Havana Clubs already, this one is triple barrel aged (whatever that means), it looks to be finished in quarter casks, said to be about 10 years old and bottled at 45%, let’s see how it compares to the 7 year old..

Color: amber +3.

Nose: grass, vanilla, oak, burnt sugar, orange peel, tobacco, cigar smoke, cooking spice, not the most complex nose but it’s very pleasant, more expressive and a touch sweeter than the 7 YO.

Taste: good mouthfeel, full bodied, grass, coffee beans, raisins, peaches, apricot, orange marmalade, brown sugar, milk chocolate, leather, some wood bitterness.

Finish: long, wood sap, coffee, tinned fruit.

Comments: definitely a sipping rum, not too much sugar, quite a bit of wood though, I like it better than the HC7, might be the work of the small casks but it seems older, about 84 points.